History of Research of Tappeh Balu/Forschungsstand

Tappeh Balu was introduced for the first time in 1976 by Italian’s survey from the Anatolian Department of the Institute of Mycenae and Aegean-Anatolian Studies (Pecorella and Salvini 1984: 141 and see Fig 3). They introduced this hill only in a concise summary (three lines) with a topographic map and 79 pottery sherds (ibid: Figure 24). The published ceramic sherds demonstrated well-stratified sequence from the Neolithic to the Iron Age. Besides, twelve Obsidian samples of this site were analyzed. After Neutron Activation Analysis, it appears that the obsidian samples are from Anatolian queries, namely Nemrut Dag (ibid: 387).

Fig. 3 - Distribution of the Bronze Age sites and the location of Tappeh Balu on the published map by Italian expedition (Pecorella and Salvini 1984, Fig 98)