Call for Nomination for the Zhu Kezhen Awards 2023

The International Society for the History of East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine (ISHEASTM) would like to solicit nominations for the Zhu Kezhen Awards. The Zhu Kezhen Awards were established in 2002 through the generosity of the Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are now funded by ISHEASTM.

The Zhu Kezhen Awards consist of 3 cash prizes of 750US$. Nominations may only be made by members of ISHEASTM (see below). The awards are made for articles of original scholarship in the history of science, technology and medicine in East Asia, published in a peer-reviewed journal and written by a member with a valid paper for the consideration of the award committee, regardless of their stage of career. The nominated article must be the work of the candidate alone, who must be shown as the sole author. The article must have been published in its final edited form by the deadline for nominations (see below), either in the print edition of the journal in which it appears, or where applicable on the journal’s official website. These prizes are awarded once every four years at the plenary conference of ISHEASTM. The next ISHEASTM conference will take place in 2023.

The Zhu Kezhen Award Committee, appointed by the Board of ISHEASTM, will evaluate articles nominated for these awards. Members of ISHEASTM may nominate their own articles, or may nominate an article by a candidate who is not a member. The person nominating an article must be a member of ISHEASTM. No-one who is not a member of ISHEASTM may nominate an article before having joined the society. Non-members wishing to nominate an article should contact the Treasurer Florence Bretelle-Establet immediately ( to enquire about arrangements for joining ISHEASTM. This will require the payment of a subscription fee of the appropriate amount, and it should be noted that membership only becomes valid when the Treasurer has confirmed that the fee has arrived in ISHEASTM’s bank account. The process of joining should therefore be started well before the deadline for nominations, to allow time for formalities to be completed before the deadline.

Articles in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese published less than four years prior to the deadline for nomination will be considered. Articles in other Asian languages will be considered if they are accompanied by an English translation. Nominations, accompanied by a copy of the nominated article, should be submitted via email to the Chair of the Zhu Kezhen Award Committee, Aya Homei ( by 15 May 2023, with the subject line ‘Zhu Kezhen Awards 2023’. All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract in English, approximately 200 words long.

It is unlikely that all members of the Awards Committee will be able to read all East Asian languages. In order to ensure fair evaluation, it is therefore strongly advised that all articles in East Asian languages should be accompanied by an English translation.