Theoretical Quantum Optics WS18/19


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Walter Hofstetter 

Course Information

  • Am 4. März 2019 findet die Klausureinsicht von 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr in Raum 01.101 statt.
  • Eine Liste der Prüfungsergebnisse der Klausur sortiert nach den Matrikelnummern der Prüfungsteilnehmer liegt im Büro 01.137 aus.
  • For the participation in the tutorials a registration is necessary. Please join a tutorial group for the course "Theoretical Quantum Optics WS18/19" in the eLearning-Portal at (you can also find the course in Theoretische Physik> Hofstetter> Theoretical Quantum Optics WS18/19).
  • The course will start on Oct 16, 2018.
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Dates and Location

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 - 12:00
Location: Phys. 01.114


Thursdays, 08:00 - 09:45, Phys. 02.116
Fridays, 13:00 - 15:00 Phys. 01.114

Head tutor: Dr. Michael Pasek (Phys. 01.137), Office hours: TBD

Tutors: Dr. Jaromir Panas (Phys. 01.138), Dr. Junhui Zheng (Phys. 01.112).


  • Quantization of electromagnetic fields and properties of coherent states
  • Squeezed states
  • Phase space representation
  • Wigner function
  • Quantum mechanics of open systems
  • Lindblad and Fokker-Plank equations
  • Quantum Markov processes
  • Decoherence and theory of measurement
  • Quantum information with quantum optical systems
  • Cavity QED
  • Quantum theory of the laser
  • Light forces
  • Ultracold atomic gases

Lecture Notes

Lecture #DateTopicScriptSupplementary material
1-2 16.10; 18.10 quantization of the electromagnetic field; thermal and coherent states lecture 1
lecture 2
Nobel prize 2012: controlled quantum systems of atoms and light
3-4 23.10; 25.10 squeezed states;
quantum phase
lecture 3
lecture 4
5-6 30.10; 01.11 classical vs. quantum coherence
lecture 5
lecture 6
semiclassical simulation of the double slit experiment
7-8 06.11; 08.11 photon bunching;
beam splitter, Mach-Zehnder interferometer
lecture 7
lecture 8
Hanbury-Brown and Twiss experiment
photon anti-bunching
Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer
9-10 13.11; 15.11 representations of the electromagnetic field: P- and Q-functions
lecture 9
lecture 10
11-12 20.11; 22.11 Wigner function;
atom driven by classical field, Fermi's golden rule
lecture 11
lecture 12
experiment 1; experiment 2
measurement of Wigner function
13-14 27.11; 29.11 atom driven by quantum field, spontaneous and stimulated emission;
Rabi- and Jaynes-Cummings-model
lecture 13
lecture 14
Could Feynman have said this?
15-16 04.12; 06.12 vacuum Rabi oscillations;
collapse and revival
lecture 15
lecture 16
collapse and revival in ultracold bosons; collapse and revival in microwave cavity QED
17-18 11.12; 13.12 dressed states;
entanglement, von Neumann entropy
lecture 17
lecture 18
Rydberg dressing; collapse and revival of Rydberg-dressed spin system
19-20 18.12; 20.12 open quantum systems, generalized measurement;
Kraus representation, quantum noise for a Qbit
lecture 19
lecture 20
21-22 15.01; 17.01 amplitude damping channel, optical Bloch equations
lecture 21
lecture 22
Bloch equations and dissipative light force
23-24 22.01; 24.01 Lindblad master equation, damped harmonic oscillator;
microscopic derivation
lecture 23
lecture 24
25-26 29.01; 31.01 dissipative 2-state system
lecture 25
lecture 26
27-28 05.02; 07.02 quantum Brownian motion
lecture 27
29-30 11.02; 14.02 measurement and decoherence, trapped ion quantum computer
lecture 29
lecture 30
decoherence of a Schrödinger cat state;
review on trapped ion quantum computers


Tutorial #Due dateTopic
1 23.10.2018 interaction picture, coherent states and density matrices
2 30.10.2018 quadrature operators, squeezed states and phase distribution function
3 06.11.2018 Casimir effect, Poynting vector and squeezed vacuum
4 13.11.2018 Hanbury-Brown Twiss experiment, second-order coherence
5 20.11.2018 beam splitter operator, Michelson interferometer
6 27.11.2018 homodyne detection, multiphoton interference
7 04.12.2018 Wigner function, quantum state tomography
8 11.12.2018 Rabi model, three-level atom
9 18.12.2018 cavity QED; collapse and revival in the Jaynes-Cummings model
10 15.01.2019 multi-photon JC model; von Neumann entropy
11 22.01.2019 phase and amplitude damping
12 29.01.2019 decoherence of coherent states, properties of the Lindblad master equation
13 05.02.2019 atomic dephasing model, dissipation in a two-level system


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