Dr. Hanin Mordi
Postdoc Research Fellow

Hanin Mordi is a postdoc research fellow in the department of Educational Science at Goethe University, Frankfurt.

Hanin has completed her BSW, MSW, And PHD studies at Tel-Aviv University's Social Work School. She is also Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Children and Parents. Parallel to her studies, Hanin has worked for many years as a child forensic interviewer and a supervisor within the service of child forensic interviews in Israel. In the last years she is director of the unit for development of Training and supervision programs for workers in the welfare services, within the Israeli Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs Central School (MOWCS). In addition, Hanin is an Academic advisor of multicultural CBT program and a lecturer at David Yellin College of education and Ono Academic college in Israel. She is teaching several courses that Focused on children and their families, child maltreatment and neglect, trauma, context informed professionals training and practice.  

In her studies, Hanin focuses mainly on the field of child sexual abuse with a unique focus on forensic interviews of sexually abused children, disclosure patterns of CSA, survivors, communities and professional's perceptions of CSA, and context informed aspects of research and practice. Hanin defines herself as a practical researcher who aims to create an evidence-based practice in the field of child abuse. She conducts her research with a conscious view of different ethnical, social, cultural, religious, and political contexts. In the framework of her Haruv Institute post-doctorate research scholarship at Goethe University, conducted under the direction of Prof. Sabine Andresen, Hanin is involved in development and research dealing with a comparison concerning the concept of "society" and the way it shapes the experience of sexual abuse, disclosure and receiving help in Germany and Israel, as seen through the testimonies of adults who were sexually abused during childhood. 


Katz, C., Tener, D., Marmor, A., Lusky-Weisrose, E., & Mordi, H. (2020). "Yes, My Uncle, I'll Do Whatever You Say": Experiences of Israeli Muslim Arab Children During Forensic Interviews Following Child Sexual Abuse. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 1-25. Doi:10.1177/0886260520943732

Mordi, H. (2020). Taboo- Forensic Interviews of sexually abused children in Arab Muslim society- Characteristics and Challenges. Haruv Journal, 52-55. (In Hebrew+ Arabic)

Mordi, H., Katz, C., Tener, D., & Savaya, R. (2021). Disclosing the abuse: The effect of ethnoreligious identity on CSA disclosure in forensic interviews. Child Abuse and Neglect, 124, 1-12.

Hindi, I., Mordi, H., Tener, D., & Katz, C. (2022). How does religiosity affect the richness of child forensic testimonies? Comparing between narratives of sexual abuse victims from three Jewish groups in Israel. Children and Youth Services Review, 137(2). doi.org/10.1016/j.childyouth.2022.106488

Mordi, H., Katz, C., & Savaya, R. (Under review). The richness of testimonies provided by children in Israel: Examination of the impact of various social affiliations.

Mordi, H., & Katz. C. (In the writing process). Forensic interviews with maltreated preschoolers:  Evaluation of the Adapted NICHD protocol.

Mordi, H., & Katz, C. (In the writing process). Credibility Assessment in CSA forensic interviews of Arabs and Jews children in Israel.

Dvir, O., & Mordi, H. (In the writing process). Context Informed supervision in Social Work- Intersectionality and Building Bridges.  (Hebrew)

Presentation in Conferences (selection)

Disclosing the abuse in forensic interviews: exploring disclosure patterns among sexual abused children in Israel| Garry Melton professorship Initiatives to change policy on child abuse| Tulsa, USA, October 2023

Disclosure Patterns and Richness of Testimonies provided by Jewish and Arab children during forensic interviews following sexual abuse| Haruv's Third International Conference| Israel, Jerusalem, May 2023

Familiarity with the work of the forensic interviewer| An inter-college Conference on sexual abuse of children and how they are expressed in the artist space| Zoom, May 2021

Children's participation in the Israeli legal system following child sexual abuse| 7th Conference of the international society for child Indicators| Tartu, Estonia, August 2019

Spotlight into forensic investigations with Israeli Children| ISPCAN XXII-International Congress on  Child Abuse and Neglect| Czech Republic, Prague, September 2018

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Cultural adaptations of forensic interviews: preliminary results from investigative interviews with Israeli Arab children| The First International Conference of the Haruv Institute| Jerusalem, Israel, October 2015

Investigative interviews with Israeli Arab children| The 7th IIIRG Annual Conference|Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2014

Organization of Conferences

Sex and social education for users of supportive and alternative communication| There is someone to talk to| Magamot College, Israel, November 2016

The relationship between  research, practice, and professional identity in social work| The Fourth National Doctoral Conference of Schools of Social Work| Tel-Aviv, Israel, April 2019