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Interessieren Sie sich für ein Studium der Fächer American Studies, English Studies oder ein Lehramtsstudium English? Dann finden Sie hier Informationsmaterial zu allen relevanten Themen und Fragen.

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Lectures, Workshops and Special Events

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If you have any questions ask our admins.
We're working on an archive of past events, but it is very much a work in progress.

MA American Studies

MA American Studies Info Event

Wondering where to go and what to do after you finish your B.A.? Why not stay right here and get a master’s degree in American Studies at Goethe University?
If you’re interested, feel free to join and meet the American Studies faculty along with recent alumni in SP 103 on Tuesday, 21 January 2020, starting at 10 a.m.
There will be a short introduction as well as a chance to answer your questions regarding the program


Book Club

Fully Booked - American Literature at Goethe University

It's not a seminar. It's not a lecture, either. Fully Booked gives you the chance to get to know important works of American literature and discuss them with your peers. Finally a reason to read those books you've always meant to read - but didn't want to read only by yourself!

Each book will be introduced by a member of the American Studies department. Then the floor is open.

save the date:

Fully Booked Summer Semester 2020
Zoom Edition // 6pm ct
28.04. and 30.06.

More info on the Flyer.

28.04.2020  06:00 PM "City of Glass"

Zoom-Meeting beitreten:

Meeting-ID: 989-8196-2470
Passwort: 8iXPaV

30.06.2020  06:00 PM "American Psycho"

Zoom-Meeting beitreten:

Meeting ID: 953-0509-0875
Passwort: 4Yxbuk


Erasmus+ 2020/21

Die aktuelle ERASMUS+ Ausschreibung für das akademischen Jahr 2020/21 finden Sie hier. Bewebungsfrist ist der 01.02.2020!

Zur Beratung wenden Sie sich bitte an Dr. Daniel Dornhofer.

Zur vorbereitenden Lektüre empfehlen wir das Merkblatt des IEAS und die Informationen des International Office.

in transit|ion

Lecture Series

Two new lectures in our in transit|ion series!     

Thu., 12.12.19, 18:00, IG 411, Stephen Morton (University of Southampton): “Allegories of the World System”

Wed., 29.01.20, 18:00, CAS 1.802, Tom McCarthy (Novelist): "In Conversation & Reading from Satin Island"

Poster Winter 2019/20.


Memory Studies

Memory Studies is an international and interdisciplinary convergence field. It addresses – broadly speaking – the interplay of past and present in sociocultural contexts. Memory Studies is interested in the social shape of individual memory as well as in the collective generation of past, present, and future.
The Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform (FMSP) is an initiative of the Forschungszentrum für Historische Geisteswissenschaften (FzHG). It brings together people and projects from history, sociology, literature, arts, media studies, psychology, and other relevant disciplines in a dialogue about memory. It wants to shape the future of memory studies by developing and discussing new research questions and new methodologies.
The activities of the FMSP revolve around three main Research LinesTranscultural Memory, the Mediality of Memory, and Memory and Narrative.


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