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Erasmus für das WS 2018/19

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Infoveranstaltung Erasmus+ 2019/20

Eine Infoveranstaltung des IEAS zum Auslandsstudium mit dem Erasmus-Programm im akademischen Jahr 2019/20 findet am

Dienstag 18. Dezember 2018 um 18 Uhr in IG 0.251 statt.

Kommen Sie bitte zahlreich, denn es lohnt sich!

Zur vorbereitenden Lektüre empfehlen wir das Merkblatt des IEAS und die Informationen des International Office.


The Return of the Aesthetic in American Studies - International Conference, Goethe University Frankfurt, 29.11.2018 – 01.12.2018

Aesthetics is coming back.
For the past forty years, scholars across the humanities have routinely rejected aesthetic inquiry as ideological, exclusionary, or politically quietist. In American Studies particularly, this anti-aesthetic attitude has congealed into the field’s common sense. Only in the most recent past have several scholars begun to pay renewed attention to the aesthetic and to rethink its relationship to the spheres of the social, economic, and political. “The Return of the Aesthetic in American Studies” critically takes stock of recent returns to the aesthetic and extends their scope.

The conference is free of charge to the public. We kindly to ask you to register with Regine Vatanasomboon,

Conference website:

Download the flyer (pdf) with further details and itenary here.

We are looking for 3 student assistants to help with the conference! Application deadline Oct. 25!
More info here.

in transit|ion

Lecture Series

Two new lectures in our in transit|ion series! 13.12.18 18h in IG411

Speaking next: Jane Desmond about "From Cockatiels to Choreography: Dancing Cultural Studies in a Multi-Species World"
Drawing on theorizations of "vibrant matter" and post-humanism, this talk explores the interface of cultural studies of embodiment and the more-than-human world, through an emphasis on motion and meaning in dance by humans and other non-human animals.

“In Transit|ion – Frankfurt Lectures in Literary and Cultural Studies” is a transdisciplinary lecture series that the departments of American Studies, English Studies, and Anglophone Literatures and Cultures of the Institute of English and American Studies at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt organize twice a semester. It functions as a forum to cultivate dialogue among the disciplines of our institute. Faculty members, graduate students, as well as Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts students of the Institute for English and American Studies are its target audience. ...more

Kunst als Wertschöpfung

Ab 24. Oktober, je 18-20 Uhr - Vortragsreihe zum Thema „Kunst als Wertschöpfung“ 

Memory Studies

Memory Studies is an international and interdisciplinary convergence field. It addresses – broadly speaking – the interplay of past and present in sociocultural contexts. Memory Studies is interested in the social shape of individual memory as well as in the collective generation of past, present, and future.
The Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform (FMSP) is an initiative of the Forschungszentrum für Historische Geisteswissenschaften (FzHG). It brings together people and projects from history, sociology, literature, arts, media studies, psychology, and other relevant disciplines in a dialogue about memory. It wants to shape the future of memory studies by developing and discussing new research questions and new methodologies.
The activities of the FMSP revolve around three main Research LinesTranscultural Memory, the Mediality of Memory, and Memory and Narrative.


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