Prof. Dr. Peter Prinz Grimm (retired 2018)

AG Historical and Regional Geology

Research interests:

  • Stratigraphy and Regional Geology in Central Europe
  • Triassic and Jurassic stratigraphy of the Andes
  • Mesozoic Corals in South America


  • Earth History and Regional Geology


  • Introduction in Earth Science for teachers
  • Regional geology of Central Europe
  • Regional geology of South America and Africa
  • Excercises to geological maps and sections
  • Field trips and field mapping


PDFs zur Übung: Kartenkunde

PDFs zur Vorlesung: Regionale Geologie von Mitteleuropa

PDFs zur Vorlesung: Einführung in die Geowissenschaften

PDFs zur Vorlesung: Geologie von Südamerika