Prof. Dr. Yonson Ahn

Geschäftsführende Direktorin / Executive Director


Yonson Ahn is a professor and has been the director of Korean Studies at Frankfurt University since December 2014. She was previously a Korea Foundation guest professor at Goethe University of Frankfurt from May 2010 until September 2011. Prof. Ahn taught at the University of Leipzig in Germany and Ewha Women’s University, Ch’angwon National University and Tongguk University in Korea. She was a visiting scholar at Seoul National University and Waseda University in 2004, as well as at the University of Tokyo in 1996.

She received her M.A. degree in Women’s Studies at Ewha Women’s University, Korea in 1988, and her PhD degree in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Warwick in the UK in 2000.

She has been a conference convener, panel organizer, chair and presenter for various conferences in New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Russia, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. She has presented on the comfort women issue and Korean history on BBC Radio 4, Channel 4 in Britain, and Han’gang TV in Korea.

Fields of Research Interests

Prof. Ahn's research interests include transnational migration, such as transnational marriage migrants and Korean diasporas; gender-based violence in conflicts, especially the issues of “comfort women” during WWII; and historical controversies in East Asia and oral history. Her current research project  is related to transnational migration and gender, focusing on negotiating gender and ethnic identities of Korean migrant workers in Germany and Asian marriage migrants in South Korea.

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