Nadja-Mira Yolcu

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


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Anschrift:  Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 1
60629 Frankfurt am Main

Research Focus

Philosophy of language and mind: especially psychological expressivism, speech act theory


  • 2022: Vindicating Avowal Expressivism: A Note on Rosenthal’s Performance-Conditional Equivalence Thesis, Special Issue of Phenomenology and Mind
  • 2021: An expressivist solution to Moorean paradoxes, together with Wolfgang Freitag, Synthese
  • 2019: Edmund L. Gettier: Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? / Ist wahre, gerechtfertigte Überzeugung Wissen? German translation and commentary, edited together with Marc Andree Weber, Reclam


since 04/2023 Academic Staff Member, Goethe-University of Frankfurt
Chair: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Zinke
since 07/2018 Academic Staff Member, University of Mannheim
Chair of Theoretical Philosophy and Philosophy of Language, principal: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Freitag
since 09/2018 Doctoral student in philosophy, Chair of Theoretical Philosophy and Philosophy of Language, University of Mannheim
  • Dissertation: “Expression and Negation: An Expressivist Account of Disavowals” (submitted 12/2022)
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Freitag
10/2015–07/2017 BPhil in Philosophy (Master’s Degree), Trinity College, University of Oxford
  •  Thesis: Conditionals and Truth-Conditions
10/2012–05/2015 Bachelor in Philosophy (75%), Psychology (25%), University of Heidelberg
  •  Thesis: Kripkes Argumentation gegen die Gleichsetzung von Person und Körper (Kripke’s argumentation against the person-body identity)